4 big tricks teach you how to maintain the locks in life

Locks are closely related in our lives, and safety issues cannot be ignored. How to properly maintain locks?
1. In the process of opening and closing the door on weekdays, it is best to hold the handle and screw the bolt into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Do not hit the door hard, otherwise it will reduce the service life. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, because some metal locks will rust; alloy locks will wear off the coating and lose their aesthetic effect.

2. Always keep lubricant on the transmission part of the lock body to keep its transmission smooth and prolong its service life. It is recommended to check once half a year or once a year, and check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure the fastening.

3. When the lock is in use, regularly (half a year or a year) or when the key is not smoothly inserted, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core slot to ensure smooth key insertion. But do not add any other oils for lubrication, to avoid grease sticking to the pin spring, causing the lock head to be unable to rotate and not to open.

4. Frequently check the fit gap between the lock body and the lock plate, whether the height of the lock tongue and the hole of the lock plate is suitable, and the best fit between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If you find any changes, you should adjust the position of the door hinge or lock plate.