Abdominal machine spring for fitness

In current fitness projects, springs play an indispensable role, for example, the springs of the abdomen machine. The application of the abdomen machine spring can make people better exercise the muscles of the body line. Optimized design was also introduced in the design process of the abdomen machine spring. The structure of the spring is relatively simple, the function is simple, and the parameters that affect the structure and performance are saved. Therefore, the designer has used analytical, graphic or graphic analysis to find the optimal design solution very early, and has achieved certain results. With the development of computing technology, the use of computers to optimize the design of nonlinear programming has achieved results.
The widely used calculation formulas for the spring stress and deformation of the web retractor are derived from the mechanics of materials. Without certain practical experience, it is difficult to design and manufacture high-precision springs. As the design stress increases, many previous experiences are no longer applicable. For example, after the design stress of the spring increases, the helix angle increases, which will transfer the fatigue source of the spring from the inside to the outside of the coil. To this end, sophisticated analytical techniques must be used, and the currently widely used method is the finite element method (FEM).
The abdomen machine springs are all made of very expensive high-quality materials, as small as a welding place, a screw, and the entire main frame is made of high-quality materials. The appearance is more delicate, safer to use, and more durable. The spring of the abdomen machine is not only more powerful, the effect is more prominent with three rubber tube springs. And it is fixed with screws.