Advantages of metal spring stamping

1. Because the size and shape of the metal spring stamping die are tight, the metal stamping parts usually do not damage the external quality of the metal spring stamping parts and the service life of the die is long, so the stamping parts have stable quality and good interchangeability.
2. As usual, there are no chips in the stamping process. There is little material loss. There is no other equipment for heating and setting. This is a kind of spare parts with saving material, energy-saving processing and low cost stamping.
3. The processing scale of metal spring piece stamping parts is large. For parts with huge shape, such as an hour clock stopwatch, automobile longitudinal beam, shrouded parts, and the cold deformation hardening effect of stamping materials, stamping has great strength and stiffness.
4. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because the stamping die and stamping equipment rely on the completion of the disposal punishment. As usual, according to the number of strokes per minute up to dozens of times, the high pressure per minute can reach hundreds or even thousands of times, and each stamping stroke can get about one punch.