Air spring and precision optical platform vibration isolation system

Precision vibration isolation technology is a key technology in the measurement, experiment, and manufacturing of aerospace and precision optical systems. If you want to obtain high-quality information, you must perform precision vibration isolation on the experimental system. With the continuous development of science and technology With the continuous updating of products, the requirements for measurement accuracy are getting higher and higher, and it is gradually developing to the nanometer level [1], so higher requirements are placed on the vibration isolation system. Design goals of vibration isolators
In the development process of precision instrumentation, precision measurement, precision machining and other technologies, the vibration control technology of the working platform of precision mechanical system is always the fundamental problem that needs to be solved. The main purpose of this paper is to study the vibration control of the precision optical platform, actively absorb the new ideas, new theories, and new technologies of related disciplines, and use the research method of combining theoretical research and computer simulation to systematically carry out the dynamic analysis and vibration of the platform. Basic research on control technology. Starting from meeting the vibration isolation requirements of the optical platform, this article discusses the active and passive control of the optical platform. First, this article analyzes the performance of the air spring as a key component of vibration isolation in detail, focuses on the functional relationship between the stiffness of the air spring and the working pressure and the volume of the additional air chamber, and analyzes the effect of damping on the transmission rate of vibration isolation; secondly, it gives The dynamic equations of the optical platform in the sense of general vibration are solved, the inherent characteristics of the structure are solved, and the distribution of the legs is studied. Finally, the system is designed for active and passive control, and computer simulation analysis is performed respectively. The effect of the vibration isolation system.