Analysis of the current situation of the metal spring industry

The market title facing the spring industry.

At present, the spring industry market is mainly in the domestic market, exports accounted for a small proportion of sales, less than 1%. Spring industry in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the automotive industry, the development of electrical industry and high-speed development. However, due to the impact of the Asian financial crisis in recent years, the domestic market is weak, domestic demand is insufficient. For example, the automotive industry, the early 1990s is the speculation that China will produce 1 million cars by the end of this century, the major spring supporting plants correspondingly according to the expected output of customers to expand their production capacity. To now, the actual car output is only 550,000 vehicles per year, compared with the expected large gap, resulting in parts production plants (including spring manufacturers) production capacity greatly empty, equipment can not be fully utilized, thus affecting the economic operating efficiency of enterprises.

The existing equipment title of the spring industry.

Because of the particularity of the spring industry, the main processing equipment of the spring industry basically belongs to non-scale equipment, such as reed machine, reed machine, forming machine, shot machine and so on. This kind of equipment only a few professional manufacturers, some rely on spring manufacturers to manufacture their own. Western industrial developed countries, the industrial base is strong, equipment manufacturers manufacturing level and technical level commensurately high, and domestic equipment is generally processing accuracy, low production efficiency, poor reliability, model aging and other topics. So now the spring industry to improve the predecessor of the manufacturing equipment generally rely on the entrance. The problem of the entry equipment: First, the high price, second, the maintenance and accessories inconvenience. But this situation is changing, there are already a number of spring-producing equipment in the sea of emerging enterprises and joint ventures, the accuracy of their equipment, production efficiency is close to the incoming equipment, but overall, there is still a gap.

In product development and new technologies, new processes.

Overall, due to the spring enterprise’s new product development speed is slow, lack of system governance and theoretical support. Because spring products are not the ultimate product, are part-owned in a product, it is very dependent on the host plant. In the past is basically the host plant responsible for spring design, spring enterprises according to the map processing, and now some host factories need parts manufacturers to jointly intervene in the design and development of products, just tell spring manufacturers about the requirements and parameters of the spring, so that the production enterprises design, and then the design plan to the host manufacturers, after confirmation of consent or changes to pay for the implementation. This brings forward new requirements for spring production enterprises, need enterprises to have complete testing measures, awareness of product design engineering staff and perfect quality assurance system, and these are currently the large departments of spring production enterprises lack.

Sea on new products, the development of new processis are very lagging behind, such as high temperature spring, ultra-low temperature spring, air spring, ceramic spring, special alloy spring, new processsuch as low temperature carburization, hot pressure and so on are also less used. The automatic online detection means widely used abroad, the number of test results, can automatically carry out mathematical statistics, and automatic feedback adjustment function, can achieve automatic pressure sorting, the size of the spring, such as height, outer diameter, lap number, load and detection, such as the implementation of 100% automatic detection, which not only improve sequester production efficiency, reduce the scrap rate and rework rate, but also make the reliability and non-disorderof product quality is guaranteed.

In terms of internal governance and capital.

China’s spring industry is basically developed from small workshops, although the gradual introduction of the management methods and models of the elders, but the internal production governance of enterprises still has a lot of old generations inherited the shadow and bondage, and with foreign to improve the predecessor’s corporate governance model there is still a certain gap, detailed performance in the enterprise staff too many, internal information is not smooth, part of the lack of communication and collaboration between the committee, low efficiency, the lack of long-term consistency of enterprise resolution plans and so on. Sea spring industry production cost is also relatively high, in addition to the above-mentioned reasons for governance, mainly did not form a scale of production, enterprise production capacity is not fully utilized, so that the production cost of unit products relative to foreign countries much higher. So of course, there is the upper hand of labor, but because of production efficiency, production management and other reasons, the price of products does not prevail, some even much higher than abroad, which is also China’s spring industry is difficult to go abroad one of the reasons.

China’s spring industry through decades of development, with great progress, but also suffered a lot of disasters and difficulties, through a lot of detours, but also accumulated a lot of valuable experience and lessons.  The development of spring industry is influenced and restricted by many related industries, such as raw material supply, production and test equipment supporting the industry’s development level and operating conditions. Spring industry as a branch of the national economy, its development will also be subject to the macro-economic development level constraints, so the spring industry should take a positive stand, and strive to open up differences, promote the development of related industries, for the development of the entire national economy to make due contributions.