Application of carbon spring steel wire, piano steel wire and stainless steel wire

Carbon spring steel wire (gb4357) is made of high-quality carbon steel wire rod, after isothermal quenching in lead bath and cold drawing strengthening
Group B: for general spring and other purposes.
Group C: for low stress spring.
Group D: for high stress spring.
The piano steel wire (Yb / t5101) is made of Yb / t5101, which is quenched in lead bath and then pulled down at room temperature. The steel wire can be divided into three groups according to their uses:
Group G1: springs for various important purposes.
G2 group: for various high stress springs.
The stainless steel spring Yb (T) for spring is made of 1Cr18Ni9, 0cr19ni10, 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 and 0cr17ni8a1 stainless steel as specified in the standard of stainless steel wire rod (gb4356). The stainless steel wire is mainly used to manufacture the spring with corrosion resistance under the conditions of fresh water, sea water, acid and alkaline, as well as the high and low spring with working temperature less than or equal to 300 ℃ and greater than – 200 ℃.