Automobile leaf spring design technology

As one of the important parts that affect vehicle safety, leaf spring is responsible for transmission
Transmit all forces and moments in all directions, and also have elastic elements, shock absorbers and guiding mechanisms

Characteristics, it is an important high-load safety component. In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars have

The design of the spring was studied. Wang Qidong and others used virtual prototype theory to

Based on the vehicle dynamics simulation, the structural parameters of the automobile leaf spring were carried out

Optimize the design and perform finite element analysis on the leaf spring;

Reliability design of automobile leaf spring

The known parameters of a certain type of automobile leaf spring are as follows:

Steel plate width (k, roar) = (70, 0.35) mm;

Plate length (muscle, ∞) = (1 100, 5.5) mm;

Leaf spring thickness (heart, roar) = (6.5, 0.032 5) nml;

Body load (foot, ye) = (5 537, 276.85) N;

Material strength (hydrazine, Xin) = (614, 45.8) MPa;

The number of steel plates n=6.

2.1 Determination of the parameters of the leaf spring

(1) Full-load arc is high five. It is used to ensure that the car has a given height. when

When 5=0, the leaf spring works in a symmetrical position. Considering the service life

The influence of the plastic deformation of the spring, and in order to obtain sufficient

If the dynamic deflection value is sufficient, five=15 mm is selected in the text.

(2) Length of leaf spring. The length of the leaf spring refers to when the spring is straightened

The distance between the centers of the two curled ears. Choose a longer leaf spring, it will be on the car

Difficulties arise during the layout. Under the possible conditions of the general layout, the steel plate should be

The spring is longer. In the text £=1 100 mln, which is the ruler including the curling ear and the boundary of the ear

Inch length, so Ll=825 toni.

(3) Width of steel plate section b. With the average thickness of the leaf spring ^D,

Then select the leaf width b of the leaf spring. The average thickness k of the leaf spring can be calculated as


^p=2Jo/W. = For example terminal switch (1)

In the formula, the U-bolt center distance s is 120 mm;

k is the invalid length coefficient after taking into account the U-bolt clamping spring, take k=O.5;

c is the vertical stiffness of the leaf spring (N/mm). c=day, positive;

6 is the deflection increase coefficient = 1.33;

E is the elastic mold of the material, E=2.1×105MPa