Causes and solutions of metal stamping die sticking

Causes and solutions of metal stamping die sticking
In the stamping production of metal stamping die, specific analysis must be made for stamping defects, and effective countermeasures should be taken to fundamentally solve the problems, so as to reduce the production cost and achieve smooth production. The causes and Countermeasures of material sticking in production are analyzed as follows:
Precision mould
The reasons of metal stamping die sticking are as follows:
A. Improper adjustment of feeding distance, pressing and loosening of feeder
B. Variation of feed distance in production
C. Feeder failure
D. Material arc, width out of tolerance, large burr
E. Abnormal die stamping caused by sickle bend
F. The hole diameter of the guide material is insufficient, and the upper die is used to pull the material
G. The upper and lower stripping of bending or tearing cutting position is not smooth
H. The discharging function of the guide plate is not set properly, and the material belt is attached
1. The material is thin and warped during feeding
J. Improper erection of the mould leads to a large deviation from the perpendicularity of the feeder.
Precision mould
Solutions to the problem of metal stamping die sticking:
A. Readjustment
B. Readjustment
C. Adjustment and maintenance
D. Change the material and control the quality of feed
E. Eliminate the sickle bend of material belt
F. Study and study the punch and die for punching the positive hole
G. Adjust the force of stripper spring, etc
H. Modify the guide material, the material prevention belt is on the belt
1. The upper and lower pressing material and the upper and lower extruding safety switch are added between the feeder and the mold
J. Re erect the mold.