Classification and function of subdivision spring testing machine

Spring testing machine can be divided into three types by display mode: single number display spring testing machine, double number County spring testing machine and microcomputer controlled spring testing machine. Spring testing machine can be divided into spring tension and compression testing machine, spring torsion testing machine and spring fatigue testing machine from its function.

1、 Spring tension and compression testing machine
The basic parameters of spring tension and compression testing machine are as follows:
1. Main uses: the machine is made according to the technical requirements of national spring tension and compression testing machine standards. The tensile strength, pressure, displacement and stiffness of precision springs, such as tension spring, compression spring, disc spring, tower spring, leaf spring, leaf spring, leaf spring, composite spring, gas spring, die spring, special-shaped spring, are tested and analyzed.

2. Functional features:
1) It can measure the tension, pressure, stiffness, displacement and display date and number of the spring
2) Large scale integrated circuit is used to improve the test accuracy and the man-machine dialogue is intuitive and clear
3) According to the national standard, the special program for spring detection is designed with high efficiency, full function and convenient operation
4) Considering the mechanical principle and program software, the precise measuring range of measuring range is improved
5) It is not only suitable for batch testing and sorting of springs on production line, but also suitable for precision sampling inspection in laboratory
6) The data and curve are displayed dynamically with the test process
7) The curve can be reanalyzed, and the corresponding data of each point on the curve can be viewed by zooming in, zooming out and clicking
8) The force value, displacement, stiffness, curve and other data can be formed into standard test report for printing
9) With program control and mechanical two-level limit protection
2、 Spring torsion testing machine

1. Main functions:
The torque and angle are digital display. The angular displacement sensor (photoelectric encoder) is used for angle measurement. The angular displacement of the torque sensor can be automatically corrected. The machine also has the functions of peak holding, overload protection, stiffness calculation, result printing, data query, manual loading, left and right rotation optional selection, compact structure, simple operation, fast detection speed and measurement time The specimen is placed vertically on the torque plate, which is convenient for clamping. (vertical)

3、 Spring fatigue testing machine
1. Main application: mainly used in low frequency fatigue performance test of various spiral springs.
2. Functional features:
1) According to the technical requirements of the spring, adjust the amplitude and frequency of the spring.
2) LCD Chinese character display, test times and frequency can be input according to the requirements, automatically completed.
3) The preset number of tests is automatically shut down.
3. Applicable industry and scope:
1) Manufacturer of automobile suspension spring and motorcycle damping spring.
2) Automobile, motorcycle industry and shock absorber enterprises.