Classification of computer spring machines

Spring machine refers to the production of spring machinery and equipment, the current development of automatic, numerically controlled,

According to the functional characteristics are divided into: reed press, reed, universal machine, disc machine and special spring machine such as: snake reed machine, twisting machine according to the driving way is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, CNC and full computer-controlled high-end spring machine has WAFI OS’s FMU series, FUL series, and specially developed FMK series for double twists, high-end with Japan MEC TM series, SH series, ITAYA AX series, RS series and Taiwan’s Northeast EN5 series, Kwang-Huk-KHM series, Conventional mid-market has MAX, JYF, Yongteng, Hua Yida, Hedong, XINDA, etc. , in China’s Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta has a large number of equipment manufacturing industry in the low-end market has a certain share.

First, the production of special spring capacity is the strongest.

Silver Feng spring machine because of the characteristics of multi-axis with free hand and translinment function, decided that he produces the advantages of special spring and wire products, because at present many angle is more than extra long or spin ratio is very small products, cam spring machine is no way to form a single, silver-feng spring machine can play its robot around the movement, translposion 320 degrees molding, the characteristics of the free arrangement of the arm, plus appropriate auxiliary tools, you can do a traditional cam machine once molding spring, he can not be able to do a single form. This is the core advantage of the silver-feng spring machine.

Second, servo motor shaft stake in the number of.

Silver Feng spring machine is 10 axis or 12 shafts, according to customer requirements, 10 axes can also be added to 11 axes, and other models in the country, generally 2 axes, 3 axes, 4 axes, 6 axes, 8-axis inequality, the number of machines, his intelligence is quite enhanced, to do spring debugging more convenient use, multi-axis is the development trend of spring machinery.