Cold formed spring wire classification

1. Classification of cold formed spring steel wire

spring wire

1) Cold drawn steel wire: JISG3522 piano wire (SWP-A, SWP-B, SWP-C,)

JISG3521 high carbon steel wire (SWA, SWB, SWC,)

JISG4314 stainless steel wire for spring (sus302-WPA, WPB, sus304-WPA, WPB, sus316-WPA, su3631J1-WPC)

2) Heat-treated steel wire: JISG3560 carbon oil quenched steel wire for spring SWD-A, SWD-B

JISG3561 Carbon oil quenched steel wire for valve spring SWD-V

JISG3565 Ming vanadium oil quenched steel wire for valve spring SWDCV-V

JISG3566 Silicon Ming oil quenched steel wire for valve spring SWDSC-V

JISG3567 silico-manganese oil quenched steel wire for spring SWDSM-A, SWDSM-B, SWDSM-C

JSMA.NO.11 Silicon Ming quenched steel wire for spring SWDSC

2. Surface treatment steel wire

1) Variety of coated steel wires: Under normal circumstances, the spring is formed and then layered again, which will affect the performance of the spring. The use of steel wires produced by first plating and then drawing can reduce this to a certain extent.

2) Existing coating types: zinc plating, nickel plating, tin plating, copper plating, or mixed plating, etc.

Three, piano wire and high carbon steel wire

The piano wire is a high-quality spring material produced from wire with a low content of impurity elements (P, S, Cu) and surface defects such as hairline decarburization. The wire is usually used to produce precision springs. High carbon steel wire and piano wire In comparison, although strict fatigue strength and spring characteristics are not required, the gap with piano wire is not large.

4. Stainless steel wire for spring

Spring production also has strict requirements on stainless steel wire. In addition to having the characteristics of stainless steel and corrosion resistance, it is now required that stainless steel wire should have higher tensile strength, and the fatigue life should be comparable to that of piano wire. Precipitation hardening stainless spring Silk has a broader prospect. With the development of auxiliary materials for drawing, all this is gradually being realized.

Five, oil quenched steel wire

The production of spring steel wires for automotive valves includes SWP-V, SWO-V, SWOCV and SWOSC-V. In recent years, with the high speed of engine revolutions and the high temperature of use, the fatigue resistance and fire resistance of quenched steel wires have increased. Higher requirements are put forward. Suspension springs are developing in the direction of high stress and light weight. At present, the traditional materials 50CWA, SUP12, SuP7, and SAE9259 are difficult to handle the stress above 1100Mpa, and they tend to be eliminated. Their substitutes SAE9254TV, SRS60, UHS1900 and UHS2000 tend to Widely used. 888 spring net

Six, other spring steel wires

maraging steel wire

In engine valve springs, the number of engine revolutions exceeds 10,000 times/hour under high stress, and the material is required to have high and strong heat resistance. However, when the oil quenched steel wire does not meet such requirements, martensite can be used Aging treatment steel wire. Low temperature nitriding treatment is very effective in improving the characteristics of valve springs.