Contents of the geometrical size testing of cylindrical spiral springs

The test content of the geometrical size of the cylindrical coil spring is shown in Table 1. According to the spring type and drawing requirements, select the content of the list for testing.
Table 1 The detection content of the geometrical size of the spiral spring and the measuring tools

Serial number inspection Content code inspection quantity available Note

1 Spring material diameter d vernier caliper or dry ruler rectangular section: side length

Shaped section: shape

2 Spring free height or length Ho vernier height ruler, steel tape measure, three-level precision plate, tools

Microscope, projector, length sorter

3 spring diameter Dl

D2 vernier caliper, inspection sleeve or spindle

4 Number of spring turns n1

5 Spring end gap and end thickness vernier caliper, feeler gauge

6 Spring pitch and uniformity t

δ load testing machine

7 Spring grinding surface angle gauge, surface roughness tester

8 Verticality of the spring ⊥ second-level precision dry plate, third-level precision wide seat square, feeler gauge

9 Parallelism between the two ends of the spring ∥ three-level precision plate, dial indicator

10 Straightness of the spring-two-level precision plate, feeler gauge

11 The relative angle of the spring and the two shackles is Δ°, the three-level precision plate, the precision ≥5, the angle gauge and the width ruler

12 spring shackle center plane and axis line position degree Δ three-level precision flat plate, precision ≥5, angle gauge, vernier card

Ruler or vernier caliper with depth sounding device

13 spring free angle φ tool microscope, angle gauge with precision ≥5

14 Spring torsion arm length three-level precision flat panel, tool microscope or projector, depth

Ruler or vernier caliper with depth sounding device, wide seat angle ruler

15 spring torsion arm bending degree α tool microscope, precision ≥5, angle gauge

Note: The accuracy of vernier calipers is generally not less than 0.02mm.