Current status of spring machine and spring equipment industry

For the spring industry, a passive situation of oversupply of low-grade ordinary springs and high-end products in short supply has been formed for a long time. With the focus on investment in the development of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, general machinery, environmental protection machinery, automobiles and other host industries, the output of springs will be The most important thing is that the structure of spring products will change, the proportion of high-tech products will greatly increase, and the number of export products will also increase to a certain extent. It can be seen that in the next few years, China’s spring The market will maintain a relatively ideal growth space.

The automobile and engine industries are the largest market for the spring industry, accounting for 50% of the total industrial output value of the industry. The automobile industry, especially the car industry, is growing rapidly, and the trend of cars entering the family is increasing year by year, and the demand for high-end springs is increasing. The increase in global environmental awareness and the development and use of environmentally friendly vehicles have also kicked off. In addition, the country’s increased investment in infrastructure will inevitably drive the development of trucks and provide a market for springs.

In addition, according to customs statistics, in the past two years, China exports about 22,000 tons of springs each year. Most of them are leaf springs, and spiral springs account for only a small part of them. The product structure is mainly daily hardware springs, and the destination is Hong Kong and Taiwan. A small amount of mold springs and auto parts springs are exported to Japan, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, but they have not really entered the OEM supporting facilities. In recent years, some U.S. auto companies have shifted the procurement of auto parts including springs to China in order to reduce procurement costs. It is a precedent for Chinese springs to enter the U.S. OEM supporting market. With the establishment of China’s status as a major manufacturing country and the improvement of technology and product quality in the spring industry, the spring export market has a bright future.

According to statistics, the exports of spring products in industrialized developed countries account for about 15% to 20% of the industry output value. From a long-term perspective, China’s spring exports have a large potential market. Chinese spring companies should take specific actions according to their own conditions. For example, strengthen cooperation with foreign companies and introduce foreign advanced technology to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness, create well-known brands, expand the international influence of products, and seize a larger international market share.