Development trend of spring testing machine

As people continue to study spring testing methods, their understanding will continue to deepen. Spring testing machines are used more and more widely in modern industrial society, and their standards are getting higher and higher. The most important and important requirement is equipment testing. The accuracy should be high. This is vital to the future development trend of spring testing machines. In the spring testing machine, small changes in the displacement will cause large changes in the test force. It is easy to ensure the test accuracy of the test force, but the accuracy of another parameter of the spring testing machine must be ensured. It is the key to ensure the accuracy of spring testing, and it is also the standard for judging the accuracy of spring testing machines. Therefore, more and more users regard the accuracy of displacement testing as the standard to measure the level of the testing machine. In the national standards for spring testing machines, the requirements for displacement accuracy are very low, which cannot meet the requirements of high-stiffness precision springs. Therefore, for the testing machine manufacturer, the displacement testing accuracy must be improved to meet the requirements of users. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of displacement testing, such as the detection method, the structure of the whole machine, the rigidity of the whole machine, the parallelism of the pressure plate, the measuring element, the material, the displacement sink of the load cell, etc. As long as these factors are overcome, the guarantee of the displacement accuracy is Not a problem.
With the development of computer technology, the shortcomings of the simpler functions of the spring testing machine have been improved by the microcomputer. The intelligent function setting of the expert system, parameter selection, database, clear window Chinese interface, and simple mouse operation make the spring test process The most idealized state becomes possible, and the level of intelligence has been greatly improved.