Disassembly and assembly of snap ring

circlip pliers:
Special tool for disassembly and assembly of snap ring
There are two kinds of circlip pliers, one for hole and the other for shaft. The special tool used for removing or installing the snap ring is the special tool for taking out or installing the snap ring. Normally, the opening of the jaw is for the hole, while the normal state is for the shaft
It is also called snap knife, which is back lock folding knife. It is an early type of folding knife. It is the so-called “side jump”. It is similar to the cutting method of ordinary folding knife. It uses the spring at the turning position of the blade and the handle to realize the automatic ejection of the knife edge
The clip knife is easy to carry
The corresponding standard of all kinds of snap rings is the national standard. The domestic quality is better than that of Taiwan Province. The snap rings produced in Taiwan Province of China are mainly made of sk7 spring steel and Japanese standard. The famous foreign brands include the spec spring of United spring
There are two methods for surface treatment of snap spring, one is oxidation treatment, the other is zinc passivation treatment
A standard of elastic retaining ring for hole gb893.186
Standard circlip for shaft gb894
Standard JB / zq4341-97 for heavy duty hole
Standard JB / zq4342-97