Duplex stainless steel replaces type 316 stainless steel application

Because the improved grade stainless steel plate contains more chromium, and the expensive nickel and molybdenum content are less, stainless steel users are increasingly using more cost-effective improved grade duplex stainless steel to replace Type 316 stainless steel.
American stainless steel producer Allegheny Technologies stated that its AL 2003 alloy stainless steel has replaced 316L stainless steel in many applications, such as power generation condensers, petrochemical heat exchangers, oil and gas pipelines, and steel structural columns and support

support. This duplex stainless steel also has better resistance to pitting corrosion. Compared with type 316 stainless steel, this product can reduce the thickness of the product by nearly one third.

Metallurgical Union recently supplied 1,750 short tons of AL2003 stainless steel for the world’s largest stainless steel roof building at Qatar’s new Doha International Airport.