Encyclopedia of mould spring

brief introduction
Mold spring includes: Japanese standard mold spring, German standard mold spring, MQB nitrogen spring, MQJ nitrogen spring, MQC nitrogen spring, mQH nitrogen spring, polyurethane spring. Generally, mold spring refers to rectangular mold spring.
Die spring is widely used in stamping die, metal die casting die, plastic mold and other elastic motion precision mechanical equipment, automobile and other fields.
The material of die spring is generally made of chromium alloy steel. Chromium alloy spring steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high rigidity and long service life.
Rectangular mold spring has the characteristics of small volume, good elasticity, high stiffness, high precision, rectangular material, surface color separation spraying (plating) to distinguish different loads, beautiful appearance and so on.
At present, the production standards of standardized die spring are: ISO9001:2000, Japan JIS, iso10243, NAAMS (North American automobile metric standard), and the springs produced according to different standards are Japanese standard spring, American standard spring, iso10243 German standard die spring, etc.
Mold spring – popular said is the mold spring, at present we talk about mold spring is divided into metal coil spring, nitrogen spring, polyurethane spring three categories
Metal coil spring
Japan Industry Association (Japanese standard) made two kinds of mold spring, the quality is no different from danly (IEM) mold spring of the United States and Datong mold spring of Japan, but the price is about 40% lower. It is widely used in mold, fixture, industrial clutch, brake components and various mechanical components.
Japanese standard spring classification: heavy load sb Brown mold spring, heavy load sh green mold spring, medium load SM red mold spring, light load SL blue mold spring, light load SF yellow mold spring and so on
International Standard Classification: SJL green mold spring, SJM blue mold spring, SJH red mold spring, sjb yellow mold spring, etc
Polyurethane spring
Classification of polyurethane spring: ex type high load polyurethane spring, a type high load polyurethane spring, La type high load polyurethane spring, ut type high load polyurethane spring, UD type high load polyurethane spring, etc
Maximum compression of die spring in Japanese standard
Type maximum compressibility
Free height under small load × 58%
Free height of light load × 48%
Free height of medium load × 38%
Free height of heavy load × 28%
Free height of overweight load × 24%
Comparison table of color and weight bearing of die spring in German standard
More load V green
Medium load r blue
Heavy load B red
Overload g yellow
Comparison table of color and weight bearing of American standard mold spring
More load SV green
Medium load SR blue
Heavy duty sb red
Overload SG yellow