Excellent metal stamping parts

Excellent metal stamping parts
There are so many metal stamping parts circulating and manufactured in the market every day. Do you know those are excellent stamping parts and those are ordinary stamping parts? What attributes do you think of as excellent stamping parts? Want to be able to be bored to see Xiaobian said hardware, the heart must have an answer, that is, do not know with Xiaobian think is the same.
In the cognition of Xiaobian, an excellent metal stamping part should have the following characteristics:
1. It has high dimensional accuracy, uniform size of the same module and good interchangeability.
2. It has good surface quality, smooth and beautiful appearance, and it looks pleasant and aesthetic.
3. Low material consumption, light weight, good stiffness and excellent strength.
4. Long service life and wear resistance.
5. Good deformation resistance.