Factors affecting the processing quality of metal stamping parts

Factors affecting the processing quality of metal stamping parts
Generally, the factors that can affect the processing of metal stamping parts are divided into five categories.
Metal stamping parts
1 person:
Among these five, the most influential quality depends on the person’s proficiency, cultural background, character, carefulness, stamina, eyesight, mood, etc. An untrained person will definitely produce bad products. (Pay attention to rest, training)
2. Machine:
The precision, stability and durability of the machine equipment. If our punching machine has poor accuracy, will our products have many defects in appearance and size? The quality of the mold is the same as that of the bad. (Machine maintenance)
Metal stamping parts
3. Materials
The quality of incoming materials and the stability of its quality directly affect the quality of the product. As the saying goes: waste in, waste out.
4. Method:
Correctness, consistency and stability of processing methods. (Proposal improvement)
5. Environment:
The storage environment and the working environment are good or bad, which will affect the quality of the product and the working mood and morale of people. Will a messy working environment produce good quality?