Features of spring shock absorber

Analyze the characteristics and functions of the two spring shock absorbers:

Gas spring shock absorbers can be divided into many types. The following introduces two spring shock absorbers and their characteristics and functions. They can be divided into: HS type spring shock absorber (shock), HDL type adjustable series spring shock absorber

HDL type adjustable spring shock absorber:

The floor of the HDL spring shock absorber adopts a new technology combining metal and rubber to produce a adjustable spring shock absorber. This shock absorber uses a large outer diameter spring, so that the shock absorber can better exert its superior shock absorption The effect is a spring shock absorber that is incomparable to some small outer diameter shock absorbers. This shock absorber is also designed with adjustable bolts, which can adjust the height according to your requirements. The maximum adjustment height is 60mm, which is to deal with the contradiction of the unit is not level. , It can be solved easily. So it is very suitable for vibration isolation of fresh air unit, combined wind cabinet, water pump unit, precision instrument and other equipment.

HS type spring vibration damping (shock) device:

The HS type spring vibration damping (shock) device is used in the vibration reduction of small equipment such as fan coils. In the central air-conditioning installation project, the vibration damping installation of the fan coil can improve the operating condition of the fan, extend the service life, and reduce the impact on the surrounding Environmental noise and vibration pollution. According to the actual installation requirements of the fan coil, the HS type fan coil special shock absorber has been designed and produced. This product has large damping, low natural vibration frequency, convenient installation, and low cost. It is especially suitable for people Installation and use in places with higher requirements for the living environment. The vibration damping installation of the fan coil can refer to the National Building Standard Design Atlas 01 (03) K403 “Fan Coil Installation”. Bearing range: 4.5kg-20kg