GMT floor spring series

GMT products take advanced technology and reliable quality as their tenet, adopt advanced technical preparations and strict quality control systems, and are always in a leading position in the market.
        GMT N818 floor spring GMT floor spring series products are novel in appearance, exquisitely made, excellent in quality, durable, and have passed 1 million fatigue tests without any part damage and poor installation and debugging. It is convenient to pass the UL certification. The National Testing Center has passed the test and won the orthographic mark certificate. Suitable for installation It is suitable for wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum doors, plastic steel doors, glass doors, all kinds of fire doors, and various light and heavy doors and door clamps to achieve the perfect state of perfection and perfection. GMT N-828 luxury economical floor spring GMT H-212 economical floor spring GMT G-1280 ultra-thin floor spring GMT NH-388 novel narrow floor spring GMT S-1400 heavy floor spring GMT S-2400 super heavy floor spring GMT S-1500 super heavy floor spring GMT S-1350R/L heavy floor spring GMT S-1450R/L heavy floor spring and other specifications are available to meet the needs of different production