Hardware electroplating hanger

Hardware products are generally small parts with a variety of shapes, and the requirements for hangers are also in various forms. Xinquanxun 99. The hooks, hanging rods and springs of the clamping parts of the hanger are best made of phosphor bronze wire. The material of the support rod is elastic to ensure excellent contact. Xinquanxun 99. And the parts can be clamped in the hanger. The organization of the hanger must meet the following requirements:
①Ensure excellent contact, which can be reached by clamping parts with spring chucks or screw chucks;
② Make the parts hanging on the hanger interfere with each other during electroplating;
③ Make it easy to remove the gas that occurs on the appearance of the parts, so as not to form “air bags”; 999 Xin Quanxun website.
④ Make sure that the parts can be easily and quickly installed and removed from the hanger;
⑤The hanger must have enough cross-section to carry the required current, and the iron hanger should be in accordance with 0.999. 7~1.0A/mm2 calculation.