Heat treatment method and die for special-shaped leaf spring

Heat treatment method and die for special-shaped leaf spring

1. The whole leaf spring with straight positioning pin holes is heated to 900℃;

2. Use a bending die to press the positioning pin heat-treated at room temperature into the positioning pin hole, and pre-compress the leaf spring;

3. Put the leaf spring kept at 850℃ into the quenching chuck for shaping;

4. Put the shaped leaf spring into an oil tempered product as a whole; the positioning pin has a positioning cylinder at one end, and a cylindrical step and an inner conical step at the other end;

The mold is that the upper mold plate has a convex surface mold, a spring ejector rod is arranged between the lower mold plate and the concave surface mold, and a pressure pin positioning seat is arranged outside the ejector rod. Because the positioning pin and the leaf spring material are different using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the expansion and mosaic matching is used, and the product quality is guaranteed; the composite mold is used to complete the production of the bending press pin at one time, which is convenient and easy to use, reduces the cost, and improves 了benefits.