Heat treatment wire rod for die spring

The raw materials of die spring are generally selected according to the stress level and manufacturing process factors designed by the manufacturing company. Oil quenching and tempering or induction heat treatment are used to form wire rod for mass production of die spring

Generally, CR-V alloy spring steel or Si Cr alloy spring steel in oil quenching and tempering are used as domestic die spring materials
Chromium alloy spring steel (ASTM a1000-1999) is used by general mold spring manufacturing companies in the United States
JIS standard die spring is generally used in Asia, and chromium alloy spring steel, such as supl2 and supl0, is used by general mold spring manufacturing companies

At present, the shape, size and tolerance of die spring are not standardized in China, and they are designed and formulated by manufacturing companies themselves in the world. Moreover, the shape of the profile is related to the strength of the material and the standard series of the die spring