High speed stamping die — non standard customization

High speed stamping die is one of the industries with rapid development in the field of domestic die production, which has gradually presented a high-end, precision and complex development trend, and has become an important force to promote China to become a powerful die manufacturing country.
The high-speed stamping die industry has obvious development characteristics. Precision and complex products have become the mainstream of the industry. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of hardware products to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure quality. Its characteristics are high development and production costs, high production efficiency and stable product quality.
Our high-speed stamping die design and manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, constantly catching up with the world’s advanced level, and a considerable part of our products are exported to Asia, Europe and the United States. At present, our precision stamping die is actively going to the international stage to participate in international competition.
MS has a large and well-trained technical team, 8 mold designers with more than 15 years of working experience, and more than 50 mold manufacturing and maintenance masters; the design team has the ability to manufacture the industry’s first-class high-speed stamping dies, with an average monthly development capacity of more than 20 sets of dies, and the fastest completion time of a set of dies is 14 days.