Household plug shrapnel — non standard customization

Household plug shrapnel — non standard customization
The shrapnel in the household plug is the key component to ensure smooth current and reduce heating. High quality sockets are made of high-quality copper parts. They are oxidation resistance, strong toughness, thick copper sheet and less riveting, which are the four indicators of high quality of household plug spring.
A. The thickness of copper sheet improves the current carrying capacity and reduces the resistance of copper parts;
B. Anti oxidation, no rust, reduce the resistance increase and heating problems caused by corrosion;
C. Less riveting, preferably a piece of copper as a whole, to further reduce the riveting part fracture and rivet heating.
D. Strong toughness, especially used in the socket part, not easy to deform. Even if the socket is used for a long time, it can also maintain a suitable clamping force to ensure that the socket is closely connected with the plug and reduce the arc.
In the past few years, it was the mainstream to use brass as current carrier; at present, the mainstream plugs all use Tin Phosphorus Bronze as copper parts. The appearance of tin phosphorus bronze alloy is purplish red. The biggest characteristic is its high fatigue strength, strong elasticity, excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, its surface will not be oxidized and corroded, and the sleeve will not be deformed, and the appropriate clamping force is always maintained.
Household hardware socket shrapnel adopts integrated socket shrapnel. Using continuous die process, high-quality tin phosphor copper high-precision belt is selected for one-time processing to avoid too many riveting points, reduce the resistance of the material itself, reduce the riveting part fracture and rivet heating. The tin phosphorus bronze material selected by Heju precision stamping manufacturer for household plug spring piece not only has the good copper quality Good conductivity, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is very superior, is the major brands of reliable suppliers.