How to choose hardware accessories

In recent years, buying a house has become the hottest thing in the city. After buying a house, it is decoration. Generally speaking, people generally choose materials that are sealed, soundproof, anti-radiation, energy-saving and beautiful. However, to realize the functions of the above-mentioned materials, in addition to good quality materials, good hardware accessories are also needed.
The quality of hardware accessories directly determines the quality of the house’s daily life. Hardware accessories are divided into ordinary hardware and special hardware according to their functions. Ordinary hardware is divided into hinges, hinges, slide rails, decorative handles, and decorative locks according to the setting method. Special hardware is divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories according to the setting method.
Purchase tips: 1. Choose hardware accessories to open and close more
When choosing hardware such as slide rails and locks, you should open and close and pull it several times to feel its flexibility and convenience. In addition, you also need to see whether the appearance is defective, how the plating gloss is, and whether the hand feels smooth or not. When purchasing a lock, you can also insert and pull out the key several times to see if it is not smooth or not. If you compare similar hardware products, you can also weigh the weight by hand. The heavy weight products use better materials.
2. There should be protective film on the surface of plastic steel doors and windows
Considering the large window area of ​​most houses (such as closed balcony), the wall thickness of the profile should be greater than 2.5 mm when purchasing, the frame is embedded with a special steel lining, the thickness of the lining steel plate is not less than 1.2 mm, and the inner cavity is The three-cavity structure has a closed drainage cavity, an isolation cavity and a reinforced cavity, so as to ensure that the windows will not be deformed after decades of use. The surface quality should also be paid attention to. The surface of good quality plastic steel doors and windows should have a protective film, and the user should tear off the protective film before use.
3. High-quality wire copper core yellowish reddish
When purchasing wires, first look at whether there is a quality system certification, whether the certificate is standardized, whether there is a factory name, factory address, inspection stamp, production date, and whether there are trademarks, specifications, and voltages printed on the wires. Also look at the cross-section of the copper core of the wire, the color is bright, the color is soft, and the copper core is reddish in yellow, indicating that the quality of the copper used is better, and the yellowish white is a reflection of low-quality copper.
Another verification method is to take a wire end to bend repeatedly by hand. Anything that has a soft hand, good fatigue resistance, a plastic or rubber hand feel elastic and no cracks on the wire insulator is a premium product. You can also intercept a section of wire to see if its core is located in the middle of the insulation layer. What is not in the center is the eccentric core caused by the low craftsmanship. If the power is small, this kind of wire can still be safe. Once the power consumption is large, the thinner side is likely to be broken down by the current. At the same time, be sure to check whether the length and the thickness of the wire core have been manipulated when purchasing.
Regardless of the size, good hardware accessories can become good decorations and are also a prerequisite for normal use of room furnishings. Here is a reminder that you must carefully choose the hardware accessories for house decoration to make your house more beautiful and practical!