How to maintain the metal stamping part mold after use

How to maintain the metal stamping part mold after use
General metal stamping parts molds are only used after use. How do metal stamping manufacturers maintain the metal stamping parts molds?
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1. After the stamping part mold is used, the mold must be removed from the press according to the operating regulations correctly, and it must not be dismantled or unloaded randomly, so as to avoid damage to the mold;
  2. The disassembled mold should be wiped clean and oiled to prevent rust;
3. The inspection and maintenance of the stamping part mold after use mainly include: cleaning the mounting surface of the upper and lower mounting templates, wiping the mold cavity surface, removing waste, applying oil to the guide slide and working surface, and checking whether the mold cavity surface is damaged 、Check whether the guide pin and guide sleeve are loose, check whether the pressing material, return mechanism and cutting edge are intact, check whether the positioning of the stamping parts is accurate and reliable, check whether the visible fasteners are loose, tighten the loose parts, check whether the visible parts have cracks, etc. Happening;
4. After all inspections are completed, the stamping part mold can be placed in the mold rack after confirmation and permission by the production manager