How to prevent deformation of stamping die

How to prevent deformation of stamping die
In the process of heat treatment of stamping die, there will be some defects, such as deformation, cracking, inhomogeneity and so on. If we take precautions before heat treatment of stamping dies, these situations can be avoided. So how to prevent it?
1. Reasonable selection of heating temperature, control of heating speed, slow heating, preheating and other balanced heating methods can be adopted to reduce the deformation of the die heat treatment. It is necessary to prepare heat treatment for the stamping die with higher requirements to eliminate the residual stress produced in the machining process. On the premise of ensuring the hardness of the die, pre cooling, step cooling and quenching or warm quenching should be adopted as far as possible.
2. Material selection should be reasonable. Different stamping die materials are different. For large and complex stamping dies, we should choose die steel with good material and hardenability. For the serious carbide segregation stamping die, we can reasonably forge and quenching and tempering treatment.
How to prevent deformation of stamping die?
3. Before heat treatment, we should check whether the structural design of the stamping die is reasonable. The structural design of the stamping die should be symmetrical in shape, not too different in thickness, and the threaded hole should be set reasonably. At the same time, the decarburized stamping die should be cut off in time.
4. Vacuum heating should be used for stamping die as far as possible. If air resistance furnace is used for heating, protective atmosphere or protective measures should be taken; if salt bath furnace is used for heating, salt bath composition should be strictly controlled and deoxidization and slag fishing should be carried out regularly. Slag on the mold surface should be removed timely after salt bath heating and cooling. For some precision and complicated dies, the precision of the dies can be controlled by pre heat treatment, aging heat treatment and quenching, tempering and nitriding heat treatment.