How to protect the surface of the spring

How to protect the surface of the spring:
  The surface of the spring can generally be treated, such as blackening (blue), phosphating, electroplating, spraying, etc. In recent years, the zinc-chromium film <Dacromet DACROMET> Dacromet protective layer has excellent corrosion resistance, which is 7-10 times the corrosion resistance of the traditional electroplating layer, and there is no hydrogen embrittlement of the electroplating process. And strong adhesion, especially suitable for surface protection of elastic materials.
  The surface of Dacromet treated products is silvery white. The main characteristics and use of surface treatment, corrosion resistance, oxidation treatment <black, blue> Common spring protection is generally kept in the air for 3 months, and electroplating is used for protection in general air media with higher protection requirements for 3 months to 2 years. Phosphating treatment has higher anti-embroidery ability than oxidation treatment, and can withstand high temperatures of 400℃. It is generally used for the protection of important parts such as artillery and gun parts, or as the pretreatment of other protective layers. Strong corrosion ability, wide application range, strong corrosion resistance, especially electrophoretic paint. At present, the special anti-rust oil used in the pretreatment of automobile surface is often used for refrigerator compressor spring without hydrogen embrittlement, simple process, environmental protection and pollution-free produce.