How to quote for springs

Spring quotation method:
We don’t have to consider the miscellaneous expenses such as business expenses, management fees, packaging fees, transportation costs, etc., which are directly included in the machine cost.

Machine cost:
Generally, they are: 20 yuan / hour for simple spring machine; 40 yuan / hour for type 8 spring compression machine, 14 type spring compression machine and 23 type spring compression machine; 60 yuan / hour for CNC universal machine and spring tension machine, which can be adjusted according to the market environment.

Input the machine cost, material purchase cost (the system will automatically add the transportation fee and the floating price in the market), production speed, spring unit weight and tax rate, press enter.
Note: 1.) if the order quantity is less than one day’s output, the price can’t be calculated according to the appeal method, but the output value of one day should be graded to the order quantity.

2.) some people worry about the complexity and simplicity of springs, and they don’t consider how to quote a good price. In fact, the difficulty of springs has been reflected in the production speed. For example, CNC springs can only produce 5 springs per minute, while simple ones can produce 90 springs per minute. The speed difference is so great. If the output value we require remains unchanged, the price will be reflected accordingly, so there is no need to It’s so complicated to think about.

6. Calculate the material cost needed to produce these springs. Remember to add 20% material loss
Then calculate the price of these materials
Then, how much is added to the computer machine and how much is added to the spring press machine, which is stipulated by the company

Finally, divide the total amount by the amount produced in an hour
Quotation = ((model loss fee + (material + material * 020%)) / 1 hour production) + (proportion * one required price)