How to select a pull spring

How do I select a pull spring?

Pull spring, small spring, especially the coil stretch spring, should be given priority with reinforced treatment of steel wire, lead bath and other warm pull wire and oil quenching tempering wire, with high strength and good surface quality, fatigue performance is higher than ordinary quenching tempering wire, processing is simple, good process, quality is stable. Carbon spring wire and piano wire cold pull after the production of a large residual stress, after processing the spring, there is a large residual stress, after tempering the size change is large, it is difficult to control the size accuracy. Oil quenching tempering steel wire is in the wire pull to the specified size after modulation and strengthening treatment, basically no residual stress exists, after forming a spring by low temperature tempering, size change is very small, heat resistance stability is better than cold pull reinforced steel wire.

Pull spring: Disc spring can be divided into three categories according to the shape of the cross-section: including ordinary disc spring (its cross-section already shape is rectangular), disc spring with radial groove, and trapezoidal cross-sectional disc spring. Ordinary disc spring is divided into support surface and no support surface two categories, the disc spring with radial groove is on the basis of ordinary disc spring, along the radial out of a number of evenly distributed grooves, grooves can be opened from the inner hole outward circle direction, can also be opened from the outer circle to the inner direction; Because the deformation and load value of a single disc spring often can not meet the requirements of use, then can be used in groups to form the disc reed combination (pillars). Typical combination way is: stacking the combination of dish reeds, composite combination disc reeds and other combination seds.