How to select the damping spring specifications

How to select the shock-absorbing spring specifications:

The choice of shock-absorbing spring specifications depends on the need to prevent pipe vibration, the choice of shock-absorbing spring specifications depends on the size of the anti-vibration force required to prevent pipe vibration, if the required vibration force can be calculated by pipe dynamic analysis according to the quality of the pipe, stiffness and external action on the periodic or impact force of the pipe, the measures of the shock-absorbing spring should be selected according to the calculated accuracy and determine the initial spring pre-pressure.

Otherwise, the specifications of the shock absorber spring can be selected according to the nominal diameter of the pipe. The spring damper is through shock absorption, spring stiffness and the initial force of spring precompression to reduce or eliminate the periodic vibration or transient shock caused by the irregular flow of the medium, wind action, water hammer (or steam hammer) and earthquake, which can improve the inherent vibration frequency of the entire pipe system, so that it leaves the forced vibration frequency of the pipe caused by external interference, thus avoiding the pipeline resonance phenomenon and reducing the additional stress caused by the vibration of the pipeline.