How to understand the accuracy of spring testing machine

Spring testing machine A testing machine for testing spring experiments. Accuracy is also a factor that guarantees the test effect. Although it is said that the higher the accuracy, the higher the result of the test, but the springs that are not so important for certain purposes should not be tested with such high accuracy. The series of relatively high-precision spring testing machines must be higher. The cost will also be relatively high. Therefore, it is very important to control the accuracy when selecting the testing machine. How to judge the accuracy of the spring testing machine?
In addition to the displacement, another factor that affects the accuracy is the loading method of the spring testing machine. Its impact on the test results cannot be ignored. The early loading methods were mainly driven by ordinary AC motors to load the transmission system. The loading speed cannot be adjusted. For elastic elements such as springs, due to the presence of springback stress, the data collected automatically during rapid compression is different from the data collected during slow compression or static compression. The data varies greatly. Nowadays, variable speed systems such as AC servo speed control systems are used to simulate the working state of the spring realistically, and the internal stress of the spring in this state is actually measured to provide a basis for spring design.
Many experimenters regard the accuracy of the displacement test as a criterion for measuring the level of the testing machine. That is, the accuracy of the testing machine can be seen through the displacement, and the specification of the accuracy of the spring testing machine can be judged. Affecting the displacement of the testing machine indirectly also affects the accuracy of the testing machine. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of displacement testing, such as detection methods, machine structure, machine stiffness, parallelism of the pressure plate, measuring components, data, load displacement sinking, etc. As long as these factors are overcome, the guarantee of displacement accuracy is impossible questionable.
The spring testing machine should be suitable according to the requirements of their own testing, so when the customer chooses the spring testing machine. Otherwise, the accuracy is too high. Although the result is very accurate, the accuracy that is not needed is a waste for the customer. If the accuracy is too high, the test will not produce the correct results, and the impact will be even greater for more spring testing machines. Please consult the Xuefu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Effective Company. The staff will select the testing machine suitable for you according to your requirements.