Impact material testing machine

Usage characteristics: The impact testing machine is used to test the resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. It is a necessary testing instrument for metallurgy, welding, machinery manufacturing and other units, and it is also an indispensable testing instrument for scientific research institutions to conduct material research.
Technical features: This machine is suitable for ferrous metals with large impact toughness, such as the impact performance test of steel and its alloy materials. The machine is used for manual swing, friction braking, and the control handle completes the drop hammer, braking and other actions. It has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient operation. Its superiority can be better demonstrated in the laboratory where the impact test is continuously performed and in the metallurgy and machinery manufacturing departments where a large number of impact tests are performed.

1. Impact energy: 300J

2. Pre-lift angle of pendulum: 150o

3. Distance from center of pendulum shaft to impact point: 750mm

4. Impact speed: 5.2m/s

5. Span of sample support: 40mm

6. Jaw rounded corners: R1-1.5mm

7. Impact blade fillet: R2-2.5mm

8. Impact knife thickness: 16mm

9. Angle accuracy: ±0.1o

10. Specimen specification: 10×10×55mm

11. Dimensions: 2124×600×1340mm

12. Net weight of testing machine: 450kg

13. Power supply: AC three-phase 380V±10%/50Hz/5A

Environmental conditions: There is no corrosive medium, no vibration, no strong electromagnetic field interference in the surrounding environment.