Insulation material testing machine

1. Meet the standards and scope of application:
The testing machine meets: GB/T16491-2008 “Electronic Universal Testing Machine” and JJG-1986 “Electronic Universal Testing Machine Verification Regulations”; at the same time, it can meet the experimental requirements for materials in GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS and other standards . It can automatically obtain the upper and lower yield strengths, specify non-proportional elongation strength, specified total elongation strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation under maximum force and other mechanical properties of various materials.
Range of application: Comply with national standard: GB8813-88 rigid foam compression test method GB8812-88 rigid foam bending test method, JC-T547-2005 ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive, JG149-2003 expanded polystyrene board thin plastered exterior wall External thermal insulation system, DBJ01-63-2002 quality inspection standard of polymer mortar for external wall thermal insulation, JG158-2004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external thermal insulation system, JC 623 insulation board steel wire mesh; DBJ/T01-38 alkali-resistant type The glass fiber mesh cloth and other standards require mechanical experiments such as compression, tension, bonding strength, and shear strength of insulation materials.
2. Function introduction:
1. Host
●Door frame structure, integral stamping case, neat and elegant appearance.
The lead screw only bears the tensile force, effectively extending the life and rigid stability.
●Precise screw pair loading method, double nuts back tightly to eliminate gaps, ensuring high rigidity and high dynamic performance of the system.
2. AC servo speed control loading system
●Imported AC servo motor and driver are adopted, which have the characteristics of high driving rigidity, high speed acceleration, improved reliability, and few transmission adjustment links.
●It has a perfect over-current and over-voltage protection function. Built-in acceleration and deceleration operation mode, smooth and stable switching.
3. Full hardware built-in control system
●Excellent control performance, all-digital hardware implementation, strong anti-interference ability and good stability.
●The software has a high degree of integration, which is suitable for testing and testing requirements of different customers for insulation materials and other materials.
Three, the main configuration:
Name Function Quantity Remark
Main frame portal structure frame
Precision screw pair
High-precision load sensor
Adjustable limit device
1 complete screw protection cover
2 sets
self made
Fully digital controller contains sensor signal conditioning
A/D conversion circuit
Servo drive signal generator
Overload protection circuit
Display drive circuit
And full-featured software
1 set
self made
Drive device AC servo motor and driver 1 set
Test accessories 1 set of special accessories for thermal insulation materials
1 set of compression accessories
1 set of mortar cutting fixture
1 set of mesh stretching fixture
Extensometer 1 set optional
Computer 1 optional
Printer 1 optional
Special software for software testing machine; meet: GB/T228-2002 “Metal Material Room Temperature Tensile Test Method”; GB/T8813-88 “External Wall Thermal Insulation Material Compression Performance Test Method”; JGJ “External Wall External Thermal Insulation Engineering Technical Code”; JC/T992-2006 “Expanded polyvinyl styrene board adhesive for wall insulation” and other standards for the material experimental requirements