Interpretation of torsion spring

It is a compact rubber fiber corrugated pipe, which does not supply force or support load. The new advantage of the bun Yue chassis is awesome – Sohu rotation? Torsion spring It is through the atmosphere tightening machine to fill the inside of the tightening atmosphere to realize the transmission and impact of force.

According to the requirements of the stroke, the torsion spring stiffness atmosphere spring is usually designed as 1-3 curves. If necessary, the torsion spring stiffness spring can be designed. The ambient spring has non-linear characteristics, and its stiffness varies with the load. Therefore, under any load, its natural vibration frequency is almost stable, so that the spring disassembly has nearly stable characteristics; its high-frequency vibration absorption and sound insulation are outstanding; it also receives torsional spring stiffness spring common sense: the term of atmosphere spring is small, the axial load and radial load are adjusted by internal pressure, You can also get different boot abilities.

In order to meet the needs of a variety of loads. The air spring is in the useful stroke, after increasing or decreasing the inflation pressure, the stiffness, height, cavity volume and lifting force of the atmosphere spring are adjusted. At the same time, its stiffness, height, cavity volume and start-up load can produce a stable and periodic flexible change with the increase or decrease of load, thus realizing the flexible transmission of lifting force, the useful adjustment of travel, and the efficient control of shock amplitude and shock load.

Can also be attached to the air chamber, real active conditioning. Because of the above characteristics, atmosphere spring is increasingly widely used in train, automobile, paper machine, take-off and landing platform, press, vibration conveyor, vibrating screen, air hammer, vibration testing machine, forging machinery and other equipment or instruments that need to stop stroke control or shock absorption and isolation.