Introduce the details of special-shaped tension spring

The special-shaped tension spring is a kind of mechanical parts which use elasticity to work. They are basically made of spring steel. It is used to monitor the movement of machine parts, relieve impact or vibration, store energy and measure force. It is widely used in machines and instruments. There are many kinds of special-shaped tension springs.
The special-shaped tension spring is made of steel wire. It has various shapes and can be customized according to the market demand.

The utility model relates to a linear shaped spring equipment, in which there are four or more forming tools which are wound around the central line of the main shaft for wire guiding, which are vertically distributed and pushed along the direction perpendicular to or nearly perpendicular to the central line of the main shaft, along the extension direction of the middle line of the upper spindle On top of the incoming wire.

The characteristic of this equipment is that it also contains a first driving device used to make the rotary table rotate, and the corresponding track used to make the sliding components equipped with forming tools stabilize on the rotary table. These sliding components can move forward and backward along the extension direction of the central line of the main shaft with or not much vertical to the central line of the main shaft The number of the second driving device is equal to or more than the number of sliding components mentioned above.

What is the main function of special-shaped spring? It can control the movement of machinery, such as the monitoring of special-shaped spring in clutch equipment. It can absorb the energy of vibration and impact, such as the special-shaped spring under the car and train to relieve the impact force. Storage and transmission of energy as power, such as irregular springs in clocks and watches. Used in force measuring elements, such as force measuring devices. The ratio of the force and deformation of the spring is called the stiffness of the special-shaped spring. If the stiffness is large, the harder the special-shaped spring is.

The special-shaped spring is a kind of elastic component widely used in mechanical and electronic industries. The special-shaped spring can cause large elastic deformation when it is loaded, changing mechanical energy or kinetic energy into deformation energy. After the force is removed, the deformation of the special-shaped spring loses and returns to its original state, and the deformation energy is transformed into mechanical energy or kinetic energy.