Introduction and operating instructions for the spring twisting test machine

Twisttest machine – spring twisting test machine introduction and operation instructions and maintenance methods 2012-07-16 China Chemical Instrument Network Click: 7 spring twisting test machine is mainly composed of springs, the use of spring twisting force to measure how much torque the workpiece can withstand, mainly used to measure some small workpiece measurements such as: screwdrivers, we all know whether screwdrivers are cross or a word, for torque requirements are relatively large, sometimes there is no amount of force to bear the amount of torque. And the most bad is the handle and handle connection, so to produce a good key is linked place, and for testing is not lacking, only after we test we will have information on our products, will sell a good price to put our profits up.

The above is just a small introduction to the spring twisting test ertas and the application of which we can see how powerful his function is, but how do we use it? You are not very anxious now, but don’t worry, I immediately introduce how to use, first put the measuring workpiece on the workbench to step up, and then power on, enter the initialization mode and other detection after we start the machine, first to the twisting test machine plus torque, and then slowly let go of torque force, to see if the workpiece can then increase torque to continue testing, wait until the workpiece to the limit when the data, and then do a good job of recording the range.

Operation to this end, to tell us about daily maintenance, use must be careful, because the main torque of the spring torque test machine from the spring, if the spring is damaged then we measure in vain, so be sure to use the time carefully, grasp the measurement accuracy. Over time the growth of torque is certainly not accurate, on the one hand we have to remember to zero, on the other hand to record the spring life, generally more than 5 months, according to the situation can be appropriate to change the spring once.