Introduction of constant force spring support and hanger

Constant force spring supports and hangers (hereinafter referred to as constant cranes) are depicted according to the principle of moment balance. Under the allowed load displacement, the load moment and spring moment are always balanced. For pipelines and equipment supported by constant suspension, when displacement occurs, Provide stable supporting force, so it will not bring additional stress to pipeline equipment.

Constant cranes are usually used in places that need to reduce displacement stress, such as power station boiler bodies, steam, water, smoke, air ducts and burners in power plants, and some places where such supports are required in the petroleum and chemical industries.

When the thermal displacement of a lifting point in the piping system is greater than 12mm, a constant crane should be used for support to prevent risky bending stress and unfavorable stress handling in the piping system.

One, the main skill characteristics:

Extra load: 0.2~400kN Bit shift: 0~508mm

promised on-site load regulation: ±10%

Second, the primary skill parameters:

The deviation of the regular load in the full stroke (including friction): ≤6% The deviation of the average load and the depicted load in the full stroke: ≤2%

lock time, accept 2 times the maximum working load.

Three, layout composition and operating principle:

The company mainly operates and produces spring-type constant force supports and hangers, and can also provide main and auxiliary spring-type or other constant force supports and hangers according to user needs. The spring-type constant force supports and hangers are described according to the principle of moment balance. .It relies on the exquisite sketch to keep the load moment and the spring moment in balance during the operation, so as to maintain a stable supporting force, which can eliminate or reduce the additional stress on the pipeline or equipment.

The main and auxiliary spring-type constant force supports and hangers are described according to the principle of the combined effect of the main spring force and the auxiliary spring force.

Constant force spring support and hanger are mainly composed of cylindrical spiral tension spring and lever organization. Because the production process of tension spring and components is simple and sophisticated, the product function is stable, and the economy is good. It has been used for a long time in China, so it is currently the most used A wide range of types; the constant force hanger function of the butterfly spring is relatively difficult to control, while the main and auxiliary spring constant hangers have high precision requirements for the spring, and the production is relatively difficult, and it has not been widely used.