Introduction of heat-treated wire for mold spring

The raw materials used in mold springs are generally selected according to the stress level and manufacturing process factors designed by the manufacturing company. Mass-produced mold springs are formed by oil quenching and tempering or induction heat treatment.

The materials for domestic mold springs generally use Cr-V alloy spring steel, or refer to the Si-Cr alloy spring steel in oil quenching and tempering.

U.S. general mold spring manufacturing company uses chrome alloy spring steel (ASTM A1000-1999).

Asia generally uses JIS standard mold springs, and general mold spring manufacturing companies use chrome alloy spring steels, such as SUPl2 and SUPl0.

The shape, size and tolerance of mold springs are not yet standardized in my country. They are also designed and formulated by the manufacturing company in the world, and the shape of the profile is related to the strength of the material and the standard series of mold springs.