Introduction to constant pressure technology of hardware spring

At present, various types of constant force spring supports and hangers designed and manufactured at home and abroad use the gb1239 cylindrical spiral compression spring with low stiffness and up to 65% of the invalid power as the elastic energy storage components, resulting in the series of products with large volume, heavy weight, difficult production and manufacturing, and inconvenient construction and installation, especially the cylindrical spiral compression spring in this series of products with heavy load and large displacement It is difficult to purchase and manufacture raw materials of spring, which directly affects the performance and use of the series products.

In recent years, the combined cylindrical spiral compression spring has been used at home and abroad to increase the spring stiffness. Although the volume and weight of this series of products have been reduced, the inherent problem of commutator has not been solved because of its large invalid power, large volume, heavy weight and poor performance.
Constant pressure spring support and hanger is a brand-new product which overcomes many defects of constant force spring support and hanger products, and is the renewal product of various constant force spring supports and hangers. Constant pressure spring support and hanger series products adopt energy storage components composed of GB / t1972 disc spring. By using variable force arm bar principle driving mechanism, the small deformation and approximately linear change load are transformed into constant load, and the small deformation amount is amplified in real level. The vertical displacement type constant pressure spring supports and hangers decompose and synthesize the force in the displacement to achieve the purpose of vertical displacement of load.

The key workpiece of brush holder is constant pressure spring. The manufacturing process of this kind of spring is strict. The manufacturing process is as follows: 1. Blanking: cut the stainless steel strip into strips according to the drawing size. The strip length should be consistent with the rolling direction of the steel strip. Clean it with industrial alcohol and dry it. There should be no oil stain on it, so as not to affect the heat treatment quality of the spring. 2. Rolling: the cleaned strip is rolled into a disc shape on the mandrel, and then put into the ferrule. The inner diameter of the ring is smaller than the outer diameter of the spring, because when the spring is taken out of the ferrule after heat treatment, it will rebound slightly. The mandrel diameter of the coiling spring should also be smaller than the required spring inner diameter. In order to ensure the quality and service life of the spring, the ratio of spindle diameter to spring thickness should be in the range of 30-50. 3. Heat treatment: put the spring and ferrule into the container of heat treatment equipment. Vacuum the container first, then raise the temperature to 520 ℃ for 2.5 hours. After cooling to 50 ℃, the vacuum container can be opened, the spring is taken out from the ferrule, the spring is turned over, and the commutator is tested for spring pressure.