Introduction to the overall development of the metal spring

Introduction to the design of the spring:

At present, the widely used spring stress and deformation calculation formula is derived from material mechanics, without certain practical experience, it is difficult to design and manufacture high-precision spring. With the increase of design stress, many of the previous experience is no longer applicable. The characteristic of the vehicle suspension spring is that in addition to sufficient fatigue life, its permanent deformation should be small, that is, anti-relaxation performance to be within the specified range, otherwise the body center of gravity offset will occur.

At the same time, the effect of environmental corrosion on its fatigue life should be considered. With the increase of vehicle maintenance period, more stringent requirements are put forward for permanent deformation and fatigue life, which require a high-precision design method. The finite element method can predict the effect of spring stress on fatigue life and permanent deformation in detail, and can accurately reflect the relationship between spring fatigue life and permanent deformation of materials. In recent years, the design method of the finite element method of spring has entered the practical stage, and there have been many reports of practical value, such as the effect of the angle of the spiral on the spring stress, the relationship between stress and fatigue life calculated by finite element method, etc.

Introduction to the development of spring materials:

The development of spring application technology puts forward higher requirements for materials. Mainly in the high stress to improve fatigue life and anti-relaxation performance, followed by different uses, the requirements of corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, conductive, wear resistance, heat resistance and so on. To this end, spring materials in addition to the development of new varieties, in addition to strict lying with chemical composition, reduce non-metallic inclusion, improve surface quality and dimensional accuracy has also achieved beneficial results.

There are three main categories of spring applications:

1) Motor vehicle springs based on automobiles;

2) to daily electrical appliances-based electronic products spring;

3) Optical device springs based on cameras, copiers and cameras.

Motor vehicle springs are mainly developed towards high strength to reduce quality, electronic product springs are mainly developed towards small-shaped development, and optical spring is mainly developed towards both high strength and small shape. The corresponding spring design method materials and processing technology have been developed.