Introduction to the strip spring

The spring, also known as (roll) spring, is a spring in which the material is coiled into a plane spiral, the spring is fixed at one end, and the other end acts on the torque after the material is subjected to bending torque, resulting in bending elastic deformation, so the spring in its own plane to produce a twist.

The size and torque of its deformation angle are proportional to the torque, with high torque, and multi-angle torsional force distance is used in a long-term mechanism, with the characteristics of not easy fatigue, its use is similar to twisting reed.

Application of the strip spring:

The use of categories of rough application of watches, recording instruments, motor toys, tape measures, car starting motors, storage cable boxes and so on.

Classification of the spring:

Plane vortex springs are classified by whether they are in contact with adjacent working parts: (1) non-contact plane vortex spring, (2) contact plane vortex spring.

The fixed end of the flat vortex spring is fixed in: (1) reaming fixed, (2) pin fixed, (3) v-shaped fixed, (4) liner fixed.