Judge the quality of rubber springs

The quality of any product will be good or bad, with advantages, advantages and disadvantages. Judging the quality of rubber springs is mainly divided into several points to distinguish.
Judging the quality of rubber springs is mainly in the following aspects:
1. Good quality rubber springs can be made into industrial products of various shapes and sizes. Their structure is very compact and can effectively use space.
2. The modulus of elasticity is small, and larger elastic deformation can be obtained, and ideal nonlinear characteristics can be easily realized.
3. The shape is not restricted, and the stiffness in three directions can be designed according to actual needs.
4. With high internal resistance, it has a good effect on the absorption of sudden impact and high frequency vibration. Therefore, when the vibrator using rubber spring starts and stops through the resonance zone, its amplitude is much smaller than that of the spiral spring vibrator, and the amplitude is relatively stable, but the energy consumption is greater than that of the metal spring.
5. Easy to install and remove.
The main disadvantages of rubber springs are:
High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and light resistance are all inferior to metal springs, and they are easily aging. Rigidity is greatly affected by temperature. For near-vibration rubber spring vibrators, temperature changes can easily cause operating point drift. Since rubber is not a pure elastomer, but a viscoelastic material, its mechanical properties are more complicated. Therefore, it is quite difficult to accurately calculate their elastic properties.
Although the rubber spring has its shortcomings, its advantages are more prominent. With the rapid development of the rubber industry, the process block rubber spring is constantly improving and striving for perfection. In the vibration machinery industry, the application of rubber springs is becoming more and more extensive. !
Although rubber springs have the above shortcomings, their advantages are outstanding, and with the development of the rubber industry, this aspect has changed a lot, so in vibration machinery, rubber springs are widely used.