Laser application in rapid prototyping manufacturing technology

Rapid prototyping is a leap in manufacturing technology. It has been quickly promoted with its unique characteristics of speed, agility and low cost, and has been widely used in the industrial and medical fields.

Laser selective sintering is one of the important process methods in rapid prototyping manufacturing. This technology uses the principle of layer-by-layer material addition. First, the three-dimensional solid model is sliced ​​and partitioned to generate a scanning path for laser sintering, and then the laser beam is scanned along the scanning path through an XY laser scanner, and solid powder materials such as plastic are sintered layer by layer Powder, nylon powder, wax, ceramic or metal and binder mixed powder, metal powder, etc. are preheated and superimposed layer by layer to finally form the required three-dimensional workpiece.

This manufacturing method has the characteristics of fast molding speed, high precision, good surface quality, simple post-processing, and time-saving. It is a vital technology and creates a new method for the development of manufacturing technology.

8. Conclusion

Laser heat treatment technology solves the material strengthening problems that other surface treatment methods cannot solve or are difficult to solve. Laser 3D modeling technology effectively solves the problem of obtaining 3D information of components on unmanned automated production lines. In addition, laser is used in intelligent recognition and rapid prototyping. , Welding, cladding coating, micro-processing has also been widely used. With the further development of laser technology and the continuous expansion of the market, laser technology is bound to be more fully applied in a wider and wider field.