Maintenance of automobile leaf spring

Everyone knows that the leaf spring is composed of many elastic, uniform width and thickness, and different lengths of steel sheets. Its function is to connect the frame and the axle in the form of suspension, exposed between the frame and the axle, to withstand the load impact of the wheels on the frame, reduce the severe vibration of the body, and maintain the stability and stability of the vehicle. Adaptability to different road conditions. ?
The lubrication of automobile leaf springs is very important.
According to the principle of kinematics, the test proves that: a steel part that performs compression and extension motion, when the frequency of motion increases, the temperature of the steel part increases, the strength decreases, and the stress concentration point appears in the stress concentration point and gradually expands and deepens, reaching the fatigue limit. It will be damaged. The same is true for leaf springs, except that they have higher elasticity and are more durable than ordinary steel parts. In addition to other reasons, the main reason for leaf spring fracture is poor lubrication. Drivers and technical management personnel should pay attention to the lubrication of leaf springs in time. ?
The leaf spring forms an extension motion when subjected to a load impact, and strong friction occurs between the steel sheet and the steel sheet, which is a phenomenon of extrusion and stretching. The two friction surfaces generate two different directions of movement friction, resulting in the temperature of the leaf spring. When the load impact frequency increases, the frictional force generated by the stretching exercise also increases. When the stress concentration point reaches the fatigue limit, it will cause a single chip or a whole The stack is broken.
The general lubrication method is: the new car should be carried out at the end of the running-in period, and it should be carried out during the summer and winter. During the lubrication operation, first remove the leaf spring, open the middle through bolts to disperse the steel sheet, and then evenly apply lithium-based grease or graphite grease on both sides of the steel sheet to form an oil film between the two friction surfaces (It takes only time to replace a piece of piece to complete the lubrication of a set of leaf springs). ?
The lubrication of the leaf spring has three advantages: one is to reduce the friction and dispersion stress and prevent the surface of the steel sheet from straining; the other is to reduce the intrusion of dust, soil and water to prevent rust; the third is to reduce heat dissipation and reduce the elastic strength.