Material testing machine technology

Technical articles for material testing machines
1. Material testing machine: It is the instrument and equipment for testing the mechanical properties and process performance of materials, parts and components, also known as mechanical performance testing machines.

1. According to the object, it can be divided into metal and non-metal material testing machines

2. According to the test time, it can be divided into long-term and short-term testing machines

3. According to the test temperature, it can be divided into high temperature, normal temperature and low temperature testing machine

4. According to the force state of the sample and the application speed of the test force, it can be divided into static force and dynamic force testing machine

5. According to the determination of the mechanical properties and the application method of the test force, it can be divided into tension, pressure, universal, torsion, creep, endurance strength, hardness tester and friction and wear testing machine, etc.

6. ​​According to the structure principle, it can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, electronic testing machines, etc.

7. According to the process performance testing machine can be divided into cupping, spring, bending, wire torsion testing machine, etc.

二. The tests that the material testing machine can do are: tension, compression, bending, tearing and peeling, shearing, etc.

Mechanical properties are also known as mechanical properties, the performance of material resistance and deformation

1. Mechanical properties include strength. Elasticity, plasticity, creep, fatigue and strength, etc.

2. Definition of strength: the ability of the material to resist various deformations and damages under the action of external force

3. The strength index has yield point, tensile strength, fatigue limit, creep limit, endurance strength, etc.

4. Tensile test (strength indicators include: spring modulus, specified non-proportional elongation stress, tensile strength, maximum force, etc.