Matters needing attention when using die spring

What should I pay attention to when using die spring?
1. The maximum compression capacity (the condition of 300000, 501 million cycles) is exceeded (used in the vicinity of cling): the condition of more than 300000, 501 million cycles is used in the close proximity, which can make the effective coil number close to each other gradually, and the spring constant becomes high. Because of the load specificity, standing up as shown in the figure, it becomes high stress and easy to be damaged, The condition of one million cycles was exceeded
2. Use without initial compression: if there is a gap, it will increase the impact force on the spring, which is easy to be damaged. Please use the initial compression amount more than 1 mm
3. The use of the state that the debris is sandwiched in the spring: when the foreign body is sandwiched in the middle of the spring, the effect of the effective coil number of that part will be lost. In essence, on the basis of the effective reduction, the spring constant becomes higher, which is the cause of the damage. In addition, the cling length will also increase
4. Use in the place where the parallelism of the assembly surface is not good: if the parallelism of the assembly surface is not good, the spring will be bent and easy to be broken. Please use it after the parallelism is accurately aligned
5. Please avoid the use of spring guide: when using without spring guide, the spring will bend and become easy to be broken. Be sure to use spring guide with outer shaft, outer diameter guide, etc
6. Use temperature: as the environment becomes high temperature, the decay of large function is expected