Metal stamping equipment and die

Metal Stamping Die

The precision and structure of die directly affect the forming and precision of stamping parts. Die manufacturing cost and life are important factors that affect the cost and quality of stamping parts. Mold design and manufacturing need more time, which extends the production preparation time of new stamping parts. The standardization and development of simple die (for small batch production), compound die, multi position progressive die (for mass production) and the development of rapid die change device can reduce the preparation workload and shorten the preparation time for stamping production, and make the advanced stamping technology suitable for mass production be reasonably applied to small batch and multi variety production.


Metal Stamping equipment

In addition to heavy plate forming by water press, mechanical press is generally used. With modern high-speed multi station mechanical press as the center, equipped with uncoiling, leveling, finished product collection, conveying and other machinery as well as mold library and rapid die change device, and using computer program control, an automatic stamping production line with high productivity can be formed.